Karnasch diamentbeschichtete Micro-Schaftfräser für die Bearbeitung von Hartmetall

Diamond coated solid carbide end mills

For machining carbide

When carbide is machining carbide

During the machining of difficult materials, such as cemented carbide, tools will reach their limits and pushes up the production costs – due to long processing times. We have enhance the productivity and efficiency by using the latest Karnasch end mills (tools with geometrically defined cutting edges).


  • Diamond coated Karnasch carbide end mills reduce manufacturing costs and machining time
  • The production of complex 3-D moulds and contours is possible
  • You achieve a better surface
  • Machining of carbide over 2.000HV is possible
  • Excellent cutting edge stability up to 10.000HV
  • No white erode zones