Das umfangreiche Karnasch Hochleistungs-Kegelsenker 90° Programm

High-performance countersinks 90°

Karnasch Professional Tools offers a wide range of countersinks 90° from diameter 4.3mm - 80.0mm.

Available from stock in the following qualities:

  • HSS-XE steel
  • HSS-XE special steel + BLUE-TEC coated
  • ASP-Powdersteel + BLUE-TEC coated
  • Tungsten carbide + BLUE-TEC coated

This range is suitable for almost all metals up to most difficult materials such as:

  • Gray cast iron
  • Abrasive and hard steel with a strength of over 1000N/mm2
  • Stainless steels (V2A / V4A)
  • Acid resistant steel
  • Titanium and titanium alloys

All countersinks available with BLUE-TEC tool coating for a substantial increase in service life (even with insufficient cooling / lubrication).


  • 3-flat shank for:
    • Excellent torque transmission
    • No slippage in the drill chuck
    • Therefore superior cutting output
  • CBN deep-ground flutes leads:
    • Smoother and sharper cutting edges
    • Higher cutting performance and service life
  • Each diameter receives a it own relief angle:
    • The cutting edge is always the highest point
  • Axial CBN relief:
    • For smooth and low heat-cut
  • Radially adjusted relief:
    • Cutting edge is always the highest point of the diameter