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Karnasch premium trochoidal cutters

Best results and highest surface quality in trochoidal milling for 5-axes machining of complex freeform surfaces and complicated tool geometries

Trochoidal cutters are used in the machining of complex freeform surfaces in tool, machine and mold making. Compared to conventional full radius milling cutters, trochoidal cutters achieve 90 times better surfaces and, due to large line interlacing during application, result in enormous time savings of up to 90% as well as a reduction in cost-intensive polishing processes.

The Karnasch trochoidal cutters are available in two versions and are suitable for steel machining up to 70 HRC as well as for graphite machining refined with our droplet-free diamond tool coating. With a radius contour of ± 0.010 mm, our trochoidal cutters achieve first-class results in trochoidal milling, consistently high quality and process reliability in diameter ranges from 1 mm to 4 mm.

The Karnasch trochoidal cutters are ideally suited for materials such as HRC < 70, stainless steel, nickel alloy, inconel, hastelloy, titanium, graphite and GRP/CRP.

Advantages of trochoidal milling - compared to conventional milling

Highly efficient 5-axes machining of planes and freeform surfaces

The use of Karnasch parabola cutters requires a 5-axes milling center and a powerful CAM solution that fully exploits the potential of the tool geometry. The hyper MILL® MAXXMachining performance package offers innovative 5-axes finishing strategies for the machining of planes and freeform surfaces. Intelligent automatisms ensure optimal tool adjustment and guidance. Excellent surfaces and enormous time savings can thus be achieved, even in areas that are difficult to access.


Up to 90 % time saving when finishing

Due to the large radii of the sheath edge, surfaces with very large line interlacing can be machined. Compared to conventional machining processes, the savings potential is up to 90 % while maintaining the same surface quality.

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