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Karnasch valuetools stand for high efficiency, maximum tool life und product reliability at narrow production tolerances, combined with a unique price-performance benefit.

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The attractive prices are a result of automatized high-volume productions and optimized processes which we share with our customers. Newly developed materials and adjusted manufacturing engineering are the basis of our new quality standard. Karnasch valuetools are selected products which represent a continuously growing product range.

Valuetools Product overview

Karnasch valuetools

End mills

Our end milling valuetools for slot milling, finish cutting, deburring, rough cutting, trochoidal milling, profile milling and circumference milling: solid carbide micro end mills with corner radius, solid carbide  micro ball nose mill and solid carbide end mills.

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Karnasch valuetools

Solid carbide drills

Our drilling valuetools for steel, stainless steel and gray cast iron < 52 HRC: Karnasch solid carbide drills with or withour inernal cooling. 

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