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Magnetic hole cutting machine KA38


Hole saw quick ejection 201169


Hole saw quick ejection 201166


Magnetic hole cutting machine KA40 / KAS40

Magnetic hole cutting machine KA100 / KAS100

Magnetic hole cutting machine KALP45

Magnetic hole cutting machine KATV55 / KATSV55

Magnetic hole cutting machine KATV140

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Experience the Karnasch products in our application videos and get all important information about the products and machines.

Karnasch Anwendungsvideos - Fräsen

Application videos


Application videos for Karnasch high speed cutting solid carbide end mills - how to achieve finest milling results from Ø 0.05 mm.

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Karnasch Anwendungsvideos - Bohren

Application videos


Application videos for Karnasch pilot drills and deep hole drills - experience our high performance drills from Ø 0.1 mm in various videos.

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Karnasch Anwendungsvideos - Schleifen

Application videos

Rotary burrs

Application videos for Karnasch rotary burrs and burrs - here you will find machining examples of our burrs of the world's most extensive variation.

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Karnasch Anwendungsvideos - Kernlochbohren

Application videos

Core drilling

Application videos for Karnasch magnetic hole cutting machines - we show you step by step the application of our magnetic hole cutting machines for universal use.

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Karnasch Anwendungsvideos - Sägen

Application videos


Application videos for Karnasch saw blades - convince yourself of the precision of our saw blades Ø 15 - 1560 mm.

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Karnasch Anwendungsvideos - Spatenbohrer

Application videos

Spade drills

Application videos for Karnasch spade drills - here we show you the correct construction of our spade drills.

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Karnasch Anwendungsvideos - Composite Werkzeuge

Application videos

Composite tools

Application videos for Karnasch composite mills and drills - experience our high speed cutting composite tool range in our machining videos.

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Karnasch Anwendungsvideos - Schlüsseldienst Werkzeuge

Application videos

Locksmith tools

Application videos for Karnasch locksmith tools - this is how you succeed in professional drilling and milling in record time.

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