Application videos for locksmith tools

Professional drilling and milling in record time

Our application videos show you the use of our carbide-tipped drills and solid carbide end mills for locksmiths and Abloy Protec cylinder locks. Experience the Karnasch locksmith tools in our machining videos and convince yourself of the cylinder openings in record time.

Art. 11.4701

Drill for Locksmiths
BLUE TEC coated
Solid carbide
For straight grinders and for drilling machines/ battery drills
Karnasch Art. Nr. 11.4701

Art. 11.4702 Abloy Milling Cutter

T.C.T. hole saws for Abloy Protec cylinder locks
For drilling machines / strong battery drills
Karnasch Art Nr. 11.4702

Tool properties:
4x T.C.T. teeth Ø15.2
Spring burr guide (6,8mm) for centering in the locking channel
Depth stop