Karnasch GK33-UK / Flip Catalog

620 www . karnasch . co . uk 10 mm INDUSTRIAL TOOLS DIVISION For more information please call +44 (0) 1530 261 145 or send an email to sales@atagarryson.com STEP DRILLS POWERCUT10 Up to 10 tools-in-1 tool  Spiral drilling, countersinking, center-punching, deburring not necessary  No center-punching / pre-drilling necessary due to the special drill tip  No deburring necessary. This is done through the next step  Cutting depth up to 10 mm Up to 75% time savings since no tool change is necessary. Extremely flexible in use.  No problems for drilling in places that are difficult to reach (e.g. where a magnetic drilling machine is no longer possible to use) HSS-XE special steel + TITAN-TEC Coating for maximum service life HSS-XE steel + TITAN-TEC coated for longer service life Up to 75% time saving Cutting depth up to 10 mm Quality products for metalworking. Alu Steel Stainless Copper, brass, tin Plastics GRP/CRP Grey cast iron APPLICATION - 75 % < 1100 N < 900 N > 10% Si 10 Index 9 8 OIL 7 M A C H I N E S 6 5 4 3 2 1