Karnasch microtools quality - worldwide unique microtool quality

Precision accurate to the μ

Intensive developments and many years of expertise in microtool technology have resulted in technically sophisticated product series of microtools which are characterized by excellent performance features and high-precision engineering tolerances. This outstanding quality of microtools is available in stock and, regarding its entire product range, worldwide unique in this form.

Karnasch microtools are used in serial production in CNC centers and industries such as automobile industry, aerospace and aerocraft industry, die and mold construction, fine mechanics, electronics production, jewelry and watchmaking industry, dental industry, medical engineering and prototype construction.

Discover our microtools

Karnasch microtools include:

  1. solid carbide micro end mills
  2. solid carbide micro drills
  3. solid carbide micro reamers
  4. solid carbide micro whirling thread cutters (thread mills)
  5. solid carbide micro deburrers

Discover the worldwide unique Karnasch microtool quality

For professional usage at highest machining challenges
r = ± 0.002 mm · 0.003 mm · d1 = 0/-0.010 mm

For experts in small and large series productions
r = ± 0.005 mm · 0.010 mm · d1 = 0/-0.010 mm

TOP for roughing
r = ± 0.007 mm · 0.015 mm · d1 = 0/-0.036 mm

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