Application videos for drilling tools

High performance drills for highest demands

Our application videos show you how to use our high speed cutting drills

Experience the Karnasch drills as well as pilot drills and deep hole drills in our machining videos and convince yourself of the drilling precision from Ø 0.1 mm

Art. 22.0341 Pilot-drilling/deep-hole drilling

Steel 1.2379 (X155CRVMO 12-1)
Pilot-drilling/deep-hole drilling
Karnasch Art. Nr. 22.0341/22.0322
Mini solid carbide twist drill < 30xD

Art. 29.0120 Drilling without delamination

CFK ALU Stacks
CFK Titan Stacks
Drilling without delamination
CFK = Art. Nr.. 29.0120
CFK Alu Stacks = Art. Nr. 29.0200
CFK Titan Stacks = Art. Nr. 29.0210

Art. 22.0392 Solid carbide pilot drill/solid carbide deep hole drill

Solid carbide pilot drill / solid carbide deep hole drill
Karnasch Art. Nr. 22.0409/22.0321
Karnasch Art. Nr. 22.0392