Karnasch premium locksmith tools / firefighter tools

Professional drilling and milling in record time – with firefighter / locksmith tools

Karnasch Professional Tools develops carbide-tipped tools especially for locksmiths, firefighters and Abloy Protec cylinder locks. 

Our high quality rotary cutters and drilling cutters open cylinder locks in record time. Especially for emergency door openings by firefighters, fast openings are essential, or rather, lifesaving. With five different gearings and specially adjusted tool coatings, Karnasch rotary burs and drilling cutters guarantee best results. Karnasch locksmith tools are available in diameters from 3 mm to 6 mm.

For high-security Abloy Protec cylinder locks, Karnasch hole saws are the best choice. With a sprung pin guide for centering in the locking channel, a depth stop and four carbide teeth with a diameter of 15.2 mm, the Karnasch hole saws easily cut through the high-security cylinders.

Solid carbide drilling cutters and rotary burs for locksmiths

With Karnasch's special solid carbide drilling cutters, cylinder locks can be drilled in a straight line in the shortest amount of time. With specially designed drill protection devices, the holes can be extended laterally with Karnasch rotary burs. Particularly for emergency door openings by fire departments, the Karnasch burs represent a growing area of application.


Carbide hole saw for Abloy Protec cylinder locks

The Abloy Protec cylinder lock meets the highest security requirements due to its patented turntable system. With the Karnasch carbide hole saw, it is possible to cut through the hardened front plate in front of the core of this special high security cylinder and then pull out the core.

locksmith tools / FIREFIGHTER TOOLS - product overview

Carbide hole saw characteristics
  1. 4 x carbide teeth Ø 15.2 mm
  2. Sprung pin guide (6.8 mm) for centering in the locking channel
  3. Depth stop
Carbide rotary bur characteristics
  1. From Ø 3 mm to Ø 6 mm
  2. 3 different gearings
  3. Specially adjusted  coating
Drilling cutter characteristics
  1. Ø 6 mm
  2. Specially adjusted coating
  3. Opens cylinder locks in record time


Schlüsseldienst-Werkzeuge & Feuerwehr-Werkzeuge - Schließzylinder Icon

Cylinder lock openings

In record time

Karnasch rotary burs and drilling cutters drill out cylinder locks in a straight line in the shortest amount of time.

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5 different gearings

Best results

With five different gearings Karnasch rotary burs and drilling cutters guarantee best results. 

Schlüsseldienst-Werkzeuge & Feuerwehr-Werkzeuge - Durchmesserbereich Icon

Diameter range

From 3 mm to 6 mm

Highest precision for perfect results due to narrow engineering tolerances.

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Specially adjusted coatings

Modern coatings

Karnasch locksmith tools are available with heat-resisting high performance coatings for longer tool lives. 



Art. 11.4701

Drill for Locksmiths
BLUE TEC coated
Solid carbide
For straight grinders and for drilling machines/ battery drills
Karnasch Art. Nr. 11.4701

Art. 11.4702 Abloy Milling Cutter

T.C.T. hole saws for Abloy Protec cylinder locks
For drilling machines / strong battery drills
Karnasch Art Nr. 11.4702

Tool properties:
4x T.C.T. teeth Ø15.2
Spring bur guide (6,8mm) for centering in the locking channel
Depth stop

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