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Solid carbide circumference milling cutters for best results in fine machining

Cutters in premium quality for circumference cutting

Circumference milling cutters belong to the group of end mills. Unlike face cutting, circumference cutting involves the workpiece surface and the tool axis being parallel to each other. As the name suggests, the cutting movement during circumference cutting takes place at the circumference of the tool. The workpiece is machined either in synchronism or in counter rotation. The circumference milling cutters by Karnasch are made of solid carbide and guarantee high efficiency and process reliability in fine machining.

With circumference milling cutters by Karnasch you cut like a professional and achieve the best results - without compromises. Solide carbide circumference milling cutters in Karnasch premium quality are designed for a wide range of different materials.

High speed circumference milling cutters by Karnasch

Upon customer request, we coat the circumference milling cutters with one of our tool coatings, such as the Karnasch diamond coating - for even longer tool life as well as an even more consistent increase in productivity.

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