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Micro CNC Drills

Karnasch Professional Tools is one of the world's largest microtool manufacturers for micro machining with a comprehensive range of microtools for all the needs of machining all steel materials, non-ferrous metals, stainless steels, laminates, plastics, cast iron and exotic materials. High speed cutting microtools for micro machining in worldwide unique microtool quality for metalworking of steel, graphite, stainless steel, copper, titanium, cast iron, gray cast iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, gold as well as composites and plastics.

Karnasch microtools: CNC DRILLS

Karnasch solid carbide drills in premium quality for CNC machines with or without internal cooling.

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Over 6% si until 12% si we recommend our nhc 7000 coating.
From €21.65 Excl VAT
Solid carbide micro pilot step drill 170 degrees/90 degrees - designed for micro deep-cut drill 220322.
From €82.10 Excl VAT
Mini solid carbide twist drill < 30xd.
From €112.20 Excl VAT
Solid carbide-micro-twist drill, hsc/hhc < 52 hrc.
From €30.60 Excl VAT
Pcd equipped solid carbide high performance micro drill.
From €193.20 Excl VAT

< 1 > 5 Results