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The Karnasch catalogue range contains all the information you will need on our high precision tools. Our latest catalogue contains over 1,400 pages featuring a variety of industry leading tools including end mills, drills, countersinks, rotary burrs, over hole saws, magnetic hole cutting machines, abrasives and straight grinders alongside cutting oil and additional accessories.

The new GK34 Catalogue is here!

All Karnasch products in one single catalogue.

Our new product catalogue (GK34), brings you a range of the latest products, including a new Abrasives section, updated cutting data, and a new product colour coding system which will make finding the right tool easier and faster! Throughout its 1,400 pages you can discover a huge variety of tools on offer, including end mills, drills, countersinks and rotary burrs, over hole saws, magnetic hole cutting machines and straight grinders, up to cutting oil - plus an extensive range of accessories.

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Due to increased procurement costs, we have been forced to adjust our prices accordingly. Please refer to the current price list below.

Downloadable Pricelist

Please find the current GK34 pricelist, downloadable for your convenience.