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Jul '18


GK31 – One of the world's largest product ranges in one single catalog

With this new edition, the already very extensive stock range of high performance tools has been expanded by exciting new products, rounded off by product enhancements. On the first pages you will also find many new best-selling tools and valuetools with unique price advantage.

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Aug '17


GK30 – CNC Tools and Industrial Tools now in one single catalog

Karnasch Professional Tools offers its customers in the new edition of the main catalog once again the complete product portfolio of the INDUSTRIAL TOOLS DIVISION (ITD) and the CNC TOOLS DIVISION (CNC) in one catalog.

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Karnasch News - GK29
Jun '16


GK29 – CNC Tools and Industrial Tools now in one single catalog

Karnasch Professional Tools introduces in the new catalog GK29 for the first time his whole product port folio in one catalog …

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Karnasch News - Mikromesstechnik
Apr '16


Cross-border network in micrometrology

In order to be able to produce a diamond-coated micromill with a diameter of 0.1 mm in a reliable process, you need experienced employees, precision grinding machines—and special measurement technology …

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Karnasch News - GK28
Oct '15


Karnasch Professional Tools presents the new catalog GK28 CNC TOOLS DIVISION

Karnasch Professional Tools offers its customers the complete product portfolio of KARNASCH CNC TOOLS DIVISION in one catalog.

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Karnasch News - Micro-Schaftfräser
Sep '15


Diamond coated solid carbide end mills for machining carbide

The new Karnasch micro end mills with diamond coating are the ideal tool for machining materials that are difficult to machine, e.g. hard metal …

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Karnasch News - Geradschleifer
Aug '15


Presentation of the new Karnasch pneumatic straight grinders

We offer a complete range of High-End professional grinders for many different grinding and milling works …

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Karnasch News - Kreissägeblätter
Jul '15


Karnasch carbide-tipped circular saw blades for all applications

Karnasch Professional Tools carbide-tipped saw blades are available from stock in diameter 80-800mm. With more than 1000 different carbide-tipped circular saws in stock one of the largest stock range worldwide …

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Karnasch News - Spezialverzahnung
Jun '15


Rotary Burrs special tooth form HP-8 & HP-9

Optimized roughing-cut to suit growing market demands for steel and cast steel applications …

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Karnasch News - Kegelsenker
May '15


High-Performance-Countersinks 90°

Karnasch Professional Tools offers a wide range of Countersinks 90°from diameter 4.3mm - 80.0mm. This range is suitable for almost all metals up to most difficult materials ...

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Karnasch News - Rotierfräser Kopfformen
Apr '15


Rotary burr head shapes for all applications

The combination of the most used head shapes as Cylinder ZYA + ZYB, Ball nosed cylinder WRC, Ball nosed three RBF, Tree SPG, Ball nosed cone KEL, Countersink KSJ + KSK with the unique COMBI+CURVE guiding-rounding-deburring system result many advantages. COMBI+FORM versatility to suit almost any application.

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