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Karnasch Premium Werkzeuge - Premium Qualität Kernbohrmaschinen 1
Karnasch Premium Werkzeuge - Premium Qualität Kernbohrmaschinen 2

Karnasch machines for metalworking

Quality and endurance for every purpose

With the magnetic hole cutting machine series BLUE-MAG and SILVER-MAG Karnasch offers the complete range of high performance machines in the professional segment for a wide variety of applications in craft (workshop) and industry (assembling), for example in steel construction for core drilling, twist drilling, sinking, reaming and tapping. The premium magnetic hole cutting machines achieve cutting depths up to 240 mm and strokes up to 320 mm.

Karnasch offers a complette range of straight grinders with coated rotary burrs for a wide variety of applications hard and continuous grinding works. The straight grinders in the professional segment guarantee excellent results and process reliability for rotary burrs with diameters from 1 mm.

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BLUE-MAG hole cutting machines

Efficiency, functionality and performance for daily usage with Karnasch magnetic hole cutting machines for best drilling in metal. The Karnasch premium BLUE-MAG series offers versatile solutions from the compact angle hole cutting machine for narrow applications (also when working overhead) up to large machines for universal uses.

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Karnasch Werkzeugsortiment - Magnetbohrmaschinen

SILVER-MAG hole cutting machines

The magnetic hole cutting machine series SILVER-MAG stands for highest variability, precision and reliability. This new Karnasch development is considered a highlight among the magnetic hole cutting machines and offers an extremely expandable stroke of up to 210 mm with a very low weight due to the double rail guide system.

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Straight grinders

Straight grinders in premium quality for hard and continuous milling and grinding works as well as for universal use. For rotary burs with shank diameters from Ø 3 mm to Ø 8 mm and cutting edge diameters from Ø 1 mm to Ø 25 mm.

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