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Grinding and Finishing Made Easier

Published: 18 August 2021


Grinding and Finishing is easier with our new range of abrasives!

With the correct tools you can easily grind or finish the hardest of materials, which is why you should check out our new range of abrasives - a great variety of high-quality solutions to help you maximise your efficiency.

Explore the full abrasive range available such as:

Flap Discs

Versatile and suitable for almost any application. Impressive grinding results, even when used on the toughest of materials. The self-sharpening ceramic grain ensures increased service life and significantly more economical performance.
Check out our abrasive range by clicking here.

Quick Change Discs

Ideal for general purpose grinding, deburring, blending and edge grinding on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, plus you can easily change the discs using our special easy-locking system.
Check out our abrasive range by clicking here.

Flap Wheels

Our all-rounders for removing, deburring, cleaning and finishing. Fast material removal guaranteed by the high-performance aluminium oxide grit. Available in a variety of grit sizes and for different speeds.
Check out our abrasive range by clicking here.

Abrasive Blocks

Flexible, multi-purpose hand sanding blocks for consistent, clean grinding results across a huge variety of grinding applications. Filled evenly throughout with hard abrasive grit, so you achieve a consistent finish throughout a blocks life.
Check out our abrasive range by clicking here.


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