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With one of the most comprehensive tool ranges worldwide and more than 20,000 tools and machines in premium quality, the high performance tools by Karnasch offer excellent performances and consistently high qualities throughout its entire range. The purposes of application range from milling, drilling, reaming, countersinking, grinding and sawing of almost all materials.

The quality standards of Karnasch Professional Tools lead continuously to more and more well-engineered products with the narrowest production tolerances. This provides our customers with a constant increase in efficiency and process reliability.


Selected top products at reduced prices. Karnasch offers its best-selling tools in premium quality at highly reduced prices.

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Karnasch valuetools in premium quality stand for high efficiency, tool life and reliability at tightest manufacturing tolerances in combination with a unique price-performance advantage.

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Solid carbide end mills from Ø 0.05 mm

The high speed cutting CNC milling tools in premium quality for slot milling, finish cutting, deburring, rough cutting, trochoidal milling, profile milling and circumference milling. 

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Solid carbide drills from Ø 0.1 mm

High speed cutting solid carbide  drills in premium quality with coating and internal cooling for drilling and deep hole drilling.

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Solid carbide whirling thread cutters from M0.6

Solid carbide whirling thread cutters in premium quality with logarithmic relief for metalmachining without deburr formation for better tool lives for thread milling of thread tapping drill holes.

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Solid carbide reamers from Ø 0.2 mm

High speed solid carbide reamers in premium quality with specific tool coatings and optimum surface finish and accuracy of form and dimension for blind hole drilling and through hole drilling.

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Spade drills from Ø 9.5 mm

Spade drills in premium quality with quick-change system for Karnasch cutting heads of powder steel and carbide. Suitable for all modern CNC machines and traditional/manual drilling machines.

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Microtools from Ø 0.05 mm

High speed cutting microtools such as solid carbide micro end mills, solid carbide micro twist drills, solid carbide micro reamers and solid carbide micro thread mills for micro cutting in worldwide unique microtool quality.

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Annular cutters, rail cutters, twist drills

Annular cutters, rail cutters and twist drills in premium quality for machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, tin, hardox as well as rails, with shaft holders such as Weldon, nitto/universal, fine-quick-in, in the quality levels Hard-Line, Hardox-Line, Blue-Line, Blue-Line Pro, Gold-Line, Silver-Line, Mini-Line, Rail-Line and Drill-Line. From Ø 2.5 mm to Ø 200 mm and with cutting depths from 8 mm to 150 mm.

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Hole saws from Ø 6 mm

Hole saws in premium quality for machining of nearly all materials, in the product series Power-Max, Easy-Cut, Mini-Cut, Diamond-Grid, Bimetal Cobalt 8% and Allround 60 ECO. From Ø 6 mm to Ø 305 mm and cutting depths from 6 mm to 55 mm.

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Carbide-tipped burrs from Ø 1.0 mm

Carbide burrs / rotary burrs in premium quality for machining of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal, soft metal, plastic, GRP/CRP, nickel, cobalt and titanium alloys as well as locksmiths and Abloy-Protec cylinder locks. 82 different types and 6 different gearings from Ø 1 mm to Ø 25 mm.

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Circular saw blades

HSS, HSS-E, DIN-HSS circular saw blades, DIN solid carbide circular saw blades and carbide-, cermet- and diamond-tipped circular saw as well as orbital pipe cutting circular saw blades in premium quality for sawing of nearly all materials, with different cutting widths, number of teeth and side holes, wie diameters from 15 mm up to 1560 mm.

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Countersinks from Ø 4.3 mm

HSS-XE, ASP and carbide countersinks in premium quality for machining steel. Various versions (60°, 82°, 90°, 120°) from Ø 4.3 mm up to Ø 80 mm.

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Counterbores from Ø M2

HSS-XE and HSS-XE TITAN-TEC counterbores 180° DIN 373 in premium quality for machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and plastics. Quality grade fine and medium for through hole and for thread core-hole.

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Subland step drills from Ø M3

HSS-XE and HSS-XE TITAN-TEC  subland step drills long and short step drills 90° and 180° in premium quality for machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and plastics. Quality grade fine and medium for through hole and for thread core-hole.

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HSS-XE step drills / tube and sheet drills from Ø 4 mm

HSS-XE step drills & HSS-XE tube and sheet drills in premium quality, also available in the patented BLUE-DUR or TiN-GOLD coating, for drilling thin sheets up to 4 mm.

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Locksmith tools

Carbide rotary burrs in premium quality especially for locksmiths and Abloy-Protec cylinder locks. With specially adjusted coatings; from Ø 3 mm to Ø 6 mm.

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Drills to remove jammed taps

Drills to remove jammed taps in premium quality for machining steel <65 HRC. For threads from M3 to M12 and with cylindrical hexagon shank. Drill depths from 10 mm to 35 mm, for use on NC machines and manual machines with three- or four-jaw chucks.

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Magnetic hole cutting machines

Magnetic hole cutting machines in premium quality for universal use for hole cutting, twist drilling, countersinking, reaming and tapping. In two powerful product series BLUE-MAG and SILVER-MAG, with cutting depths up to 240 mm and strokes up to 320 mm.

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Straight grinders

Straight grinders in premium quality for hard and continuous milling and grinding works as well as universal use. For rotary burs with shank diameters from Ø 3 mm to Ø 8 mm and cutting edge diameters from Ø 1 mm to Ø 25 mm.

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Lubricants & cutting oils

High performance cooling lubricants and cutting oils in premium quality for best cutting results in sawing, milling, drilling, turning, reaming and thread cutting. Suitable for minimum lubrications. Significantly increases tool life and surface finish.

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