Karnasch premium rail cutters

For drilling of the most difficult rail steels

Karnasch Professional Tools offers a complete range of tools for drilling of the most difficult materials such as railway rails, stainless steels and exotic alloys.

Our range includes carbide-tipped annular cutters, annular cutters made of powder steel, annular cutters made of HSS-XE special steel as well as twist drills made of HSS-XE and powder steel. Choose the right rail cutter out of six different models: RAIL-LINE, RAIL-LINE PRO, BLUE-DRILL LINE RAIL PRO, SILVER-DRILL LINE RAIL, DRILL-LINE RAIL and DRILL-LINE RAIL PRO

Karnasch rail cutters not only guarantee the best cutting results, but also maximum wear resistance and extreme tool life - for over 200 bores. Our premium rail cutters are available in stock in diameters ranging from 12 mm to 60 mm, with drill depths of 25, 30, 50 and 55 mm.  


Rails <1100N

For all rail types up to <1100N (UIC 60)

  • From Ø 14 mm to 40 mm
  • With Weldon shank holder
  • HSS-XE special steel
  • Cutting depth 25 mm

Karnasch rail-annular cutters

Karnasch annular cutters are manufactured with an elaborate pre-medium-after cutting geometry (RAIL-LINE) or a high-quality 7-cutting geometry (BLUE-DRILL LINE and SILVER-DRILL LINE). Our annular cutters made of HSS-XE special steel, powder steel or carbide-tipped are hardened in steps and ensure smooth, chatter-free machining, maximum wear resistance and extremely long tool life.




Karnasch rail-twist drills

Karnasch twist drills are manufactured with a high performance geometry. Our DRILL-LINE RAIL series with twist drills made of HSS-XE special steel and powder steel with DURABLUE coating for immediate self-centering, easier machining, maximum tool life and wear resistance.

Discover our twist drills

rail cutters Product overview

Rail cutters in detail

  1. RAIL-LINE: carbide-tipped annular cutters, more than 100 holes possible
  2. RAIL-LINE PRO: carbide-tipped annular cutters, more than 200 holes possible
  3. BLUE-DRILL LINE RAIL PRO: annular cutters made of powder steel + DURA-BLUE-coated, more than 100 holes possible
  4. SILVER-DRILL LINE RAIL: annular cutter made of HSS-XE special steel, more than 60 holes possible
  5. DRILL-LINE RAIL: twist drills made of HSS-XE special steel, more than 60 holes possible 
  6. DRILL-LINE RAIL PRO: twist drills made of powder steel + DURA-BLUE coated, more than 100 holes possible

Karnasch rail cutterS in Detail

Karnasch Premium Werkzeuge - Preis- Leistungsverhältnis Icon

Optimal price-performance ratio

Best performance at fair prices

The rail cutters by Karnasch guarantee fast, precise drilling with an optimal price-performance ratio.

Karnasch Premium Werkzeuge - Höchste Standzeiten Icon

Longest tool lives due to

Internal cooling

Karnasch rail cutters with internal cooling guarantee longer tool life, efficient chip removal and improved cutting performance.

Karnasch Premium Werkzeuge - Durchmesserbereich Icon

Diameter range

From 12 mm to 60 mm

Highest precision for perfect results due to narrow engineering tolerances.

Karnasch Premium Werkzeuge - Premium Qualität Icon

Product characteristics

Premium quality

Tools by Karnasch are manufactured with extraordinary diligence and undergo expansive verification processes for quality assurance.


Drills with internal cooling for optimal cooling and lubrication

Maximum resilience for challenging applications.

Karnasch tool cooling guarantees optimal cooling results and presents obvious advantages as compared to external cooling. On the one hand, the cooling of the cutting edge can individually be optimized, with the result that the heat development is considerably reduced. The special power chamber by Karnasch ensures an increased coolant leak - at the same pressure but also at low pressure. On the other hand, Karnasch tool cooling removes the chips more efficiently and improves the overall cutting performance significantly. In addition to higher productivity, Karnasch tool cooling enhances tool lives and prevents premature tool breaking, which in turn leads to considerable cost savings.

Advantages of the Karnasch cooling channel drills

  • Optimal tool life even under highest loads (optimal cooling and lubricating effect)
  • Increased drilling speed
  • Chips are more easily removed from the drilling range

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