Saw blade holders

Premium holders for circular saw blades for front and back clamping

Karnasch Professional Tools offers a high quality range of saw blade holders. For front clamping, our tool holders are available with shank diameters from 5 mm; for back clamping, our tool holders are available with diameters from 10 mm.

Front clamping

  1. Saw blade bores from 3 mm to 22 mm
  2. Flange diameters from Ø 5 mm to Ø 32 mm
  3. Shank diameters from Ø 5 mm to Ø 16 mm

d1 = Flanschdurchmesser / Flange diameter
d2 = Sägeblattbohrung / Saw blade bore
d3 = Schaftdurchmesser / Shank diameter

Back clamping

  1. Saw blade bores from 5 mm to 16 mm
  2. Flange diameters from Ø 10 mm to Ø 26 mm
  3. Shank diameters from Ø 4 mm to Ø 12 mm


Aufnahmehalter für Kreissägeblätter - Aufspannung Icon

Areas of applications

Front and back clamping

The Karnasch saw blade holders are developed for both front and back clamping.

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Product characteristics

Premium holder-quality

Saw blade holders by Karnasch undergo expansive verification processes for quality assurance.

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Diameter range

From 3 mm to 22 mm

Highest precision for perfect results due to narrow engineering tolerances.

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Product range

Extensive assortment

Karnasch offers a wide range of saw blade holders. The holders are available for flange diameters from Ø 5 mm and for shank diameters from Ø 4 mm.

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