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Karnasch premium solid carbide rough cutters

Perfect results in rough cutting

Rough cutters belong to the group of end mills and are used in machining processes with high cutting volumes. Due to the deep cutting depths and special rough gearing, Karnasch rough cutters achieve high chip removal volumes.

Our range of high performance rough cutters includes solid carbide rough cutters, solid carbide fine rough cutters, solid carbide HXF profile rough cutters, solid carbide extreme rapid rough cutters, solid carbide graphite rough cutters as well as solid carbide rough cutters for GRP/CRP and exotic material. 

The Karnasch rough cutters in premium quality are available in diameters from 3 mm to 20 mm. The solid carbide rough cutters are equipped with two to eight cutting edges and are available in various versions for any material.


The Karnasch premium rough cutters - for first-class rough cutting

  • Up to 50% higher cutting performance
  • Up to 60% higher surface quality
  • Up to 100% longer tool life
  • Up to 30% reduction in unit costs

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