Karnasch SILVER-MAG magnetic hole cutting machine series


The magnetic hole cutting machine series SILVER-MAG stands for highest variability, precision and reliability. This new Karnasch development is considered a highlight among the magnetic hole cutting machines and offers an extremely expandable stroke of up to 210 mm with a very low weight due to the double rail guide system. It is suitable for universal uses for core drilling from 12 to 35 mm, twist drilling from 3 to 18 mm and countersinking from 10 to 30 mm.

The Karnasch SILVER-MAG machines are available at our worldwide partners or directly in the Karnasch online shop.


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  1. BLACKDUR hardened slide
  2. Due to the double rail guide system, the stroke can be easily extended up to 210 mm
  3. When using a two-part ejector pin, cutting depths of up to 110 mm are possible, from diameter ranges of 18 mm



  1. More than 5x longer tool life of the rail guide system as compared to conventional dovetail guides

Excellent qualities in the professional segment

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Schnitttiefe Icon

Cutting depth

110 mm

Karnasch SILVER-MAG magnetic hole cutting machines achieve cutting depths of 110 mm.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Hub Icon


120 mm - 210 mm

Karnasch SILVER-MAG magnetic hole cutting machines achieve strokes from 120 mm up to 210 mm.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Magnethaltekraft Icon

Magnetic holding force

1000 kg

Karnasch SILVER-MAG magnetic hole cutting machines achieve magnetic holding forces of 1000 kg.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Motorleistung Icon

Motor power

1100 watt

Karnasch SILVER-MAG magnetic hole cutting machines achieve motor powers of 1100 watt.


The highlights of the Karnasch SILVER-MAG magnetic hole cutting machine series

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Selbstschmierfunktion

SILVER-MAG highlight

Internal "self-lubrication" function

Internal "self-lubrication function" significantly increases the gear's tool life 

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Inneres Kühlsystem

SILVER-MAG highlight

Internal cooling system

Automatic internal cooling system. The external cooling ring is constructed to prevent coolant from entering the gear.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Offener Griff

SILVER-MAG highlight

Open grip

Open grip. Ideal for light machines. The machine is easy to move on the surface to be drilled. Easy to carry. Ergonomic.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Bohrständer

SILVER-MAG highlight

Drill stand

The construction of the entire drill stand is designed for high rigidity to improve the drilling quality.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Schienenführsystem

SILVER-MAG highlight

Double rail guide system

Double rail guide system. The motor height is adjustable. Depending on the requirements, the stroke can be extended up to 210 mm. The desired motor height/stroke can also be fixed. This prevents unintentional adjustment and thus breaking of the drill.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Lufteinlässe

SILVER-MAG highlight

Air entrance

The air entrances are constructed to prevent liquids or dirt from entering the motor.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Griffe

SILVER-MAG highlight


Ergonomically designed grips for excellent control of rotation.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Sicherungsseil

SILVER-MAG highlight

Safety bond

Optimally positioned holes in aluminum casting for fastening the safety rope. Machines which are magnetically fastened to walls/ceilings should be secured at all times.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Design

SILVER-MAG highlight


The magnetic footprint comes in a wear reduced design. This results in a considerably longer tool life of the magnet's footprint. The magnetic holding force amounts up to 10 000 N / 1000 kg for reliable and safe drilling.

SILVER-MAG Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Lieferumfang

SILVER-MAG highlight


The machines are delivered ready-to-use. Complete with all necessary tools and accessories. All necessary tools, chip protection, wedge, safety chain, coolant bottle with magnetic holder. All machines come in heavy-duty, dust- and waterproof sealed transport boxes.

Ideal protection for machines in tough applications.


Magnetkernbohrmaschine / Magnetbohrmaschine - Transportbox

SILVER-MAG highlight

Transport box

Consistently only the best transport/storage boxes. All machines come in heavy-duty, dust- and waterproof sealed boxes. Ideal protection for machines in tough applications.

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