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GK31 Valuetools

The new valuetools in main catalogue GK31

High quality products with an attractive price - A novelty in the Karnasch delivery program is the „valuetool“..

The Karnasch valuetools impress with an excellent price-performance ratio. Tight manufacturing tolerances, tool life and reliability result in our very efficient Karnasch valuetool products.

Karnasch Professional Tools offers an incomparable choice of high-capacity tools for every application.

Milling and drilling in GK31

Karnasch Gesamtkatalog GK31 Valuetools - VHM Schaftfräser

Solid carbide end mills

  1. 30 8011 Solid carbide miniatur end mills with corner radius online-catalogue-square.png shoppingcart-square.png
  2. 30 8012 Solid carbide miniatur ball nose mill online-catalogue-square.png shoppingcart-square.png
  3. 30 6438 Solid carbide end mills online-catalogue-square.png shoppingcart-square.png
Karnasch Gesamtkatalog GK31 Valuetools - VHM Bohrer

Solid carbide twist drill

  1. 22 0802 Solid carbide twist drill online-catalogue-square.png
  2. 22 0806 Solid carbide twist drill with interior cooling supply online-catalogue-square.png


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