Karnasch Druckluft-Geradschleifer jetzt neu im Sortiment

Presentation of the new Karnasch pneumatic straight grinders

We offer a complete range of high-end professional straight grinders for many different grinding and milling works. Development and selection of the components of the new straight grinder generation was subject to the principle "ONLY THE BEST" to warrant longevity, high-quality processing and thus a low maintenance effort. All pneumatic straight grinders are built for permanent HEAVY-DUTY works.

Product range:

A complete range of 11 different pneumatic straight grinders divided into three categories

  1. The high speeder – holds like a pen
  2. The compact range – for universal use
  3. The 820 watt high-power range – for heavy grinding and milling works


  • Speed range from 10.000 rpm to 100.000 rpm
  • Power from 40 watt to 820 watt
  • Rubber-mounted spindle
  • Vibration - dampening system
  • 2 component moulded (cold + vibration insulated)
  • New contoured safety lever
  • For rotary burrs of head diameter 1.0mm - 25mm
  • Complete range of accessories such as collets, air hoses, filters, oils